The Max and Neo Double Sided Undercoat Dematting Rake is a great tool in the fight against shedding dog hair.

Don't let the odd shape of the brush teeth fool you. Once you've tried this comb, you will never go back to a regular straight bristled brush. They just don't work as good.

You will be shocked to see how much hair this rake takes off your dog. And you'll be surprised that he will like being groomed with it. Gone are the days of the brush getting stuck and causing any pain.

DEMATS AND DETANGLES - Dematting rakes are great for combing through your dog's dense undercoat fur. The curved teeth are designed to grab and hold all that loose hair. Our ergonomic handle makes brushing a breeze.

COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR PUP - The teeth on our rake catch loose hair but don't pull good hair making the brushing experience way more comfortable than standard straight toothed combs and brushes. There are no sharp or pointed edges.

DOUBLE SIDED - Our dematting comb has 9 teeth on one side and 17 on the other. Use the 11 teeth side on the tough tangles and then flip over to the 19 teeth to get the rest of the hair out. This comb is great for long haired dogs.

Customer Reviews

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Harold T.
I am unable to figure out how to use this comb.

I have a long haired (wooly) Husky. I was hoping I could help her in spring and fall as she starts to shed. Unfortunately I am unable to figure out how to use this comb. I go through the long hair and get the undercoat, then it just pulls and I am unable to bring out the shedding without hurting her. Not sure if there is another way to use comb that will work.

Nancy W.

We love the harness and the brush! Thank you for your quick service and wonderful products

Melissa A.
Under coat rake

We have a Japanese Chin this is the first comb that actually works and doesn't cause alot of pain she is 15 and sensitive

Shelley F.

This is FANTASTIC! I can not be,I’ve how much hair comes out! My vacuum can have a vacation!

Manan D.

This is by far the best brush we have used.

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