The Max & Neo 100% Wild Alaskan Human-Grade Salmon Oil is derived from only wild-caught salmon directly from the fresh, cold waters of Alaska. Salmon oil can be added to your dog's food and is packed with over 1200mg of omega-3s per serving, which help maintain your dog's healthy heart, healthy joints, and healthy coat.

Per Serving: 5ml/1 TSP

423 mg EPA Omega 3
465 mg DHA Omega 3
339 mg Other Omega 3

Total Omega 3: 1,227 mg per serving

Our salmon oil is in a triglyceride formulation which maintains the fish oil in its natural state.

Ingredients: Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon

Suggested Daily Use: 

1 pump per 25 lbs of your pet's body weight per day

Customer Reviews

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Roy C.
Trusted Product

Max and Neo operate with a high degree of integrity. Therefore, the quality of their products can be trusted.

Janeen J.
Max and Neo, the best

I can highly all of their products, speed of shipping, careful packaging, and service plus..doesn’t get any better in the world that is not measuring up. IGood ratings from me has to be earned...Max and Neo has done that with excellence

Tracy B.

100% Pure Wild Alaskan Human-Grade Salmon Oil

Great product

My dogs love it!

deborah Z.
I think it really works

My German Shepherd licked it from my hand.
In a few days her scratching decreased. Now a few weeks later and with 2 baths and conditioner her entire coat changed.

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