Designed for super tough chewers and rough players, the Max & Neo Ruff Rumbler holds up a lot better than plush toys and can be used indoors or outdoors!

This toy is made for large dogs with strong jaws only. This toy requires approximately 100lbs of jaw pressure to squeeze and make squeak. Small and medium sized dogs may be unable to squeeze this toy.

Made of ultra-durable, strong, non-toxic, natural rubber, these toys are built to endure lots of chewing. Toss the Ruff Rumbler for an unpredictable bounce; your dog will love chasing down the bright orange toy. It also contains an integrated squeaker.

After a long day of play, simply hand wash the Ruff Rumbler. The Ruff Rumbler is approximately 4.25" tall by 3" wide. Supervise your dog with chew toys and inspect toys regularly for safety.

Customer Reviews

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Best toy for strong jaws

This is just the most amazing toy for dogs with strong jaws and sharp teeth. Our GSD loves it!! It is holding up great too.

Michelle F.

Ruff Rumbler Super Heavy Chewer Rubber Toy

Amazingly tough!

My pittie mix is a super chewer and destroys every toy. Then my hound eats the shred and after throws it up. 🙁 But this has lasted!! I would love to see other shapes and colors so they can have a variety to play with!

Laurie W.
Awesome company

Love every item I’ve purchased from Max and Neo… Love the work they do. Wish they had more items so I could spend more with them instead of these petstores

Trudy’s m.

This arrived today, and Trudy hasn’t put it down, since it was opened. She immediately dropped her tennis ball (an obsession), and wanted to play fetch with this. It doesn’t bounce where you would expect, so it’s more challenging. Trudy has power enough to squeak it, too.
We have a new favorite, that will last, for awhile, at least.

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