Daycare Play Time Collars

Daycare Play Time Collars

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These daycare playtime collars were made to allow quick release in case two playing dogs get tangled within their collars.  We all know that dogs love to tug at each other's collars.  These collars attach via two Velcro straps that can easily be pulled open.

These collars were designed so that handlers can have some control of dogs in playgroups while providing a quick release way for the handler to remove or dog to escape the collar if needed. These collars are not permanent collars and may loosen over time. The Velcro will get worn allowing for easier release.  These collars also allow dogs to be color coded in playgroups

WARNING: These collars are not made for outdoor walking and do not contain any place to attach a leash.

These collars come in 3 sizes:

Small 12"-16"
Medium 16"-21"
Large 19"-27"

Each pack contains 6 collars in 6 different colors (green, blue, yellow, pink, orange, red)

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