The Max and Neo Seat Belt Bungee Harness Car Leash is made with a 2mm thick nylon webbing with an adjustable length of 23.5"- 32" This seat belt leash allows your dogs to sit, lie down, or stand comfortably, while keeping your pet safely restrained and secure in the car while driving.

Comes in black only.

- 1" wide x 2mm thick nylon 
- High quality bungee material
- Fits most standard vehicle seat belts
- Reflective stitching on both sides for nighttime visibility
- High quality metal clasp and belt clip

Customer Reviews

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Kathryn L.
I will never use any other kind

I’ve used many different kinds of seatbelt restraints for my dogs over the years, and these are by far the best. They keep them safe while allowing them to get comfortable. I’ve bought extras so I’ll always have them when I need them.

Kitten B.
Wonderful seat belt harness leash!!!

I've had some other seat belt harness leashes and they were not even close to the quality of this one. The biggest issue with these leashes for us was she would pull on it and the leash would not hold at the length I had it set at. The little buckle would just loosen up and she would be able to get out the back window. Not as scary as it sounds in our situation because the window leads to the bed of the truck, but scary just the same. Theis harness leash is very well made, just like every Max and Neo product, and it does not slip. We are very happy, and my girl now stays in the truck!

Gail S.
Thé Best

Lové thèse. I use them for both of my dogs and give them to many people who adopt or foster dogs

Fernando M.

Seat Belt Bungee Harness Car Leash

shannell h.
Buckle up for safety

I had one, I use it every time the dog is in the car.
Not only does it keep your pup safe while driving but no worries of your pup escaping before your ready when you open doors.
Bought this one as a gift for a friend.
Ever since I had a friend get in a car accident (car rolled all windows broke out) and police said the seatbelt saved her dogs life, I’ve always use them. Police at the scene stated that if the dog hadn’t been ejected from the vehicle during the crash, the pup surely would have fled the vehicle because all windows were shattered, and out into crazy traffic. The officer stated that because the pup was buckled they were able to safely help my friend and then work to get the pup out and into another vehicle safely for the dog to be checked out! (The officer used the seatbelt as a leash during transferring of vehicles and was able to secure the pup in his vehicle).
Seatbelts save lives; including your pets!!!
Buckle up for safety.

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