Dog Harnesses

Passport Harness


PASSPORT HARNESS Our PASSPORT dog harness is made from 2mm high quality reflective nylon. This nylon is thick and tough. The inner portions of the harness are padded with soft...

Passport Harness

From $19.99 - $21.99

Gunnison Dog Harness


OUR GUNNISON DOG HARNESS™ Our GUNNISON dog harness is high quality, reflective, neoprene padded and super comfortable. It has 4 adjustment points. Two at the front around your dog's neckline...

Lift Support and Rehab Harness

$21.99 $22.99

REHAB HARNESS Our REHAB dog harness is designed to help you help your elderly, disabled, or injured dog get past obstacles with comfort. Whether your dog needs help getting in and out of...