October 4, 2019 Donations List

October 4, 2019 Donations List

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I wish I could say that we were completely done with our move. It’s been a long 3 weeks, but we are 95% done. Charlie and Indy are loving their new indoor playground!

Finally 100% our operations have been moved to the new space. It was tough to move and keep up with orders because at some point half the inventory was at each place so we had to keep going back and forth to pack orders. So because of that we just packed customer orders and postponed the donations for this week.

Here are the donations going out today. It’s a sparse list this week of about 9 rescues. We are now 2 weeks behind in donations but we will make up for them next Friday! I promise!

Animal Rescue League - MS
Atascosa Animal Allies - TX
Central Missouri Humane Society - MO
Chattahoochee Humane Society - AL
Grassroots Animal Rescue of MS
Jack's Galore, Inc. - MA
RI Pet Connection Foundation - RI
Sato Project - NY
Star City Animal Shelter - AR
UC Davis Fracture Program for Rescue Animals - CA