Our traffic leash has all the features of top of the line dog leashes. Our traffic leash is 10" long and 1" wide and made of 2mm thick but soft heavy duty nylon webbing. This leash is a great length for keeping your large dog close to you at street crossings. It is also short enough that your dog can run with it without getting tangled up in it.

Our 10" traffic leash was made to help people who need to keep their dog on a short lead.  It is also great for dogs who like to play but need a lead kept for quick recovery.


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Happy customer

I am so thankful and happy that I found Max and Neo!
Awesome products

Traffic leash

I got this and honestly love how it has padding and is the right length for me and my dog. It’s hard to find one that fits .

Great short leash - using for other purpose

I am using for purpose other than as a traffic leash. Using a key ring, I attached it to the handle end of 6 foot leash than clipped to D ring closest to the handle. This way I can easily clip around a table leg or chair when we are eating at outdoor restaurants. Very handy.

Judy O.
Just what we needed


Kitten B.
Perfectly perfect

Like all of Max and Neo's products this little handle is perfect for the right size dog. You need to be able to comfortably reach your dog at shoulder height or it won't work for you. It's great because it gives you a way to grab your excited friend without having the danger of a dragging leash while they playl. It has been a beneficial aid in training my little lady to heel as well. It works on both her collar and a harness at the dog park. What a great idea!

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