Many rescues are run on a tight budget. Their resources are used for critical things such as dog food and medical care. Often, dog toys are very low on their priority list. Our donations of dog toys to rescues will provide a rescue dog some comfort and play time while they are waiting for their furever home.

The Max and Neo Goat and Rabbit Dog Toys are stuffed with one squeaker. Dogs love these toys!  Supervise your dog with chew toys and inspect toys regularly for safety.

Each toy is approximately 12" tall from head to toe.

You can pick Goat, Rabbit, or both!

Customer Reviews

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Heather V.
Our Guy Loves These Little Guys

Our guy is a rescue and his former fosters sent the little goat with him when he came to us. It's his comfort "snuggle" as my husband calls it and he sleeps with it in his mouth. We had to buy three of them to make sure we don't run out!

Cute but

These were the cutest toys ever, my puppy hasn't chew through anything yet/before but she ripped these apart within the first couple of minutes. And she didn't chew them up, the limbs just rip off super easily. But they were adorable and I'm glad she liked them.

Karma R.

We gave these as gifts and everyone loved them!

Teresa B.
Loved them!

Bought them as a Christmas present for my doggos, and they love them.

Grace loves Bunny!

We were gifted a bunny on our adoption day when we got Grace. For that reason, "Bunny", as she became to be known is a big part of our collective lives. Grace carries her all over the place and she's held up really well. "Grandma" has had to sew an ear back on (Grace and I got a little rough with Bunny one day), but it was an easy fix. Bunny has been washed multiple times and always comes through really well (we've had "Bunny" for 15 months so far). If your pup is into destroying toys, "Bunny" or "Rammy" (we've subsequently purchased a back up "Bunny" and a "Rammy") won't withstand someone who will destroy plushes, but if your pup is into carrying a stuffie around and isn't intent on killing the squeaker or something like that, you'll love these toys. Of course, Max and Neo offer more durable toys for the super chewers in your life and we absolutely love that they give back to rescues and shelters, so it makes purchasing toys and treats here a no-brainer! And SUPER FAST shipping, too! Great company.

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