Max and Neo Freeze Dried Beef Liver Dog Treats come from local farms in the Northeastern United States. These small local farms feature pasture raised, grass fed, grain finished beef. We use only the highest quality human grade beef. Our treats are antibiotic and hormone free with no additives, preservatives, filler, grains or gluten.

We also ship our freeze dried treats in resealable bags to ensure that they stay fresh.

Your dog will love this healthy, nutrient dense and protein packed treat.

Small sized bites great for small to medium dogs and training.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Beef Liver

Crude Protein Min 55%
Crude Fat Min 5%
Crude Fiber Max 2%
Moisture Max 5%

Customer Reviews

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My dogs love these

Shipped quickly, no excess packaging, my dogs love them. Also easy to break into smaller sizes if needed.

Shannon W.

Freeze Dried Beef Liver Dog Treats

Lisa P.
Great Product

My dog loves them and is very attentive when I give her these treats. Great for training. Also I could never get her to take pills. Now when wrap in a pill pocket and follow up w one liver treat and she is more than happy to take them.

These are great

I have a 15 yo beagle lab (beaglador...?) and a GSD who is just over a year. I purchased salmon and also the beef liver- both of my dogs love them and are happy to see the bag come out! I love that it’s a single ingredient treat from a reputable brand. My GSD has a sensitive stomach but these agree with him.

Loree W.

At first, I didn't get the order when they said it came... but I got it a week later! They contacted me that they would send out a replacement, which was awesome, but I got my order and my Cassidy Roo LOVES the treats! (and trust me, she's a picky little bitch, LOL) I highly recommend Max and Neo and they support the shelter that I work at, Yavapai Humane Society!!!

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