Max and Neo Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Dog Treats come from local farms in the Northeastern United States. These small local farms feature pasture raised chickens grown with no antibiotics or hormones. We use only the highest quality human grade chicken. Our treats are antibiotic and hormone free with no additives, preservatives, filler, grains or gluten.

We also ship our freeze dried treats in resealable bags to ensure that they stay fresh.

Your dog will love this healthy, nutrient dense and protein packed treat.

Large size chunks of chicken breast great for medium to large dogs. Easily breakable into smaller sizes for smaller dogs or training.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Chicken Breast

Crude Protein Min 82%
Crude Fat Min 4%
Crude Fiber Max 2%
Moisture Max 5%

Customer Reviews

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Mary B.
Love The Max & Neo Mission But Quality of Chicken Declined

Thanks, Max & Neo for your selfless and generous mission of donating meat to so many dogs in need. I applaud you. It actually hurts me to write a poor review, and despite my current opinion about your freeze-dried chicken, I still have not lost faith in your company or your products. That you provide free-range, antibiotic, and hormone-free chicken to us consumers makes choosing Max & Neo a healthy choice. You provide the qualities I seek for my fuzzy, furry, fantastic four-legged family.

My first bag of Max & Neo chicken was utterly astonishing. The quality was nothing less than excellent. My first bag was stuffed full of a few large, fresh, plump chicken breast pieces - LOTS of meat. The pieces of chicken nearly poked out of the sides of the bag! Since my first experience, however, I am often disappointed with the quality.

Do any of you remember playing with a waffle ball and bat when you were a kid? I imagine they are still being manufactured today! We Marylanders call some of the crabs in the bushel, which are very thin and practically hollow with no meat, "Wiffle Crabs." Well, the Max & Neo chicken pieces of late are "Wiffle Pieces" of chicken breast. Hardly any meat and mostly fat. Instead of big meaty chunks of chicken, the bag is mostly full of pieces of hard fat. I do not like my guy having so much fat in his diet. I am noticing a lot of, or may I be so bold as to say "MOST" freeze-dried products, including turkey and salmon, are fatty these days. Often when I order freeze-dried salmon I am delivered a bag of crumbs, skin, and hard yellow pieces of salmon. Yet prices continue to escalate! Seems like every time you order a product because of the picture-perfect advertisement, I receive, instead, dust, crumbs, fat, skin, connective tissue - you name it. WHERE'S THE MEAT? I am wondering if the demand is greater than the supply due to the poultry and salmon crisis. Especially with the dawn of so many freeze-dried brands on the market, maybe the birds are not as healthy or are too young so "they" fatten them. Just a theory.

But one thing is for sure: Over the past few years, the freeze-dried food in the market has plummeted in quality while they still too expensive.

But you, Max & Neo? You are doing a good thing. I deeply respect your Purpose. Just hang in there and keep trying. It seems that suppliers are having a rough time, too.

Great Company With Awesome Purpose But Chicken Has Gone Downhill

My first bag of Max and Neo Chicken treats were BIG chunks of chicken BREAST without hardly any fat. Since then, and especially if I order from Amazon, the bag is full of little broken pieces and there are a lot pieces that are tough and fatty. I will still keep buying this product. But I hope thr quality returns to what it used to be. I did share this with this company and they very kindly sent me 3 new bags. Very responsive and excellent customer service!

Vicky P.

Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Dog Treats

Abigail M.
Dog loves it!

My dog loves these!

Jo A.
The very best

I have tried them all and without a doubt these chicken breast pieces are the very best. That’s a fact. My Jack loves them and I love Jack so
It works fine

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