We are proud to announce our bulk case of 100 chain martingale collars. These collars are specially made for rescues and shelters that are in need of high-quality, low-priced collars, with only the important features.

Sold in packs of 100 collars with 25 sky blue small collars, 25 mint green medium collars, 25 lavender medium collars and 25 coral large collars.

The collar is 2mm thick .  Its quality nylon webbing contains reflective stitching for improved nighttime visibility.  We use a 304 grade welded link stainless steel chain which we verify through independent lab testing. (Link to lab test)

Size Collar Width Collar Length
Small 1" 12" - 16"
Medium 1" 16" - 19"
Large 1" 19" - 25"


- Comes with 25 sky blue smalls, 25 mint green mediums, 25 lavender mediums and 25 coral larges.
- 5mm thick D-ring
- Reflective stitching for improved nighttime visibility
- Locking nylon clasp for increased safety
- 304 Stainless Steel Chain

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Samantha G.
Great deal

Great deal and quality.

Daphanie P.

We love max and neo for all of our rescue dogs . Excellent quality

Jan S.
Best of the best

They are well made and will
Be put to good use

Northwest G.R.
Excellent quality and served their purpose perfectly

Thank you for a wonderful box of collars. They are great quality and I always trust they will keep animals safe. The only thing that could have made it more awesome is if there were multiple colors of each size.

Good S.R.o.T.
Love them!

We are so excited that you came out with a variety pack of sizes and colors. The colors are wonderful and we don't even have to mention the quality of the collars. As always, they are outstanding. Thank you!

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