6 Foot Reflective Nylon Rope Leash

6 Foot Reflective Nylon Rope Leash

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The Max and Neo Dog Nylon Rope Leash is made from 1/2" diameter high quality nylon rope. The nylon rope is highly reflective as we choose to use 4 bands of reflective striping.  The connection points are double stitched so you don't need to worry about the lead as it can handle your strongest pullers.  The connection points are also wrapped in genuine leather and the handle is stamped with the Max and Neo logo.  All metal parts are finished in matte black to make this leash the best one that you've ever purchased.

- 1/2" diameter nylon rope
- 6 ft long
- Double stitched and wrapped in genuine leather at connection points
- Matte black finish on all metal parts
- Highly reflective 4 band stitching integrated into the nylon rope

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I Foster animals so 100 of the reason from buying ...

I Foster animals so 100% of the reason from buying is coz another little unwanted will have a leash? I had my reservations but I fostered 90 pound Mastiff and use the leash the entire time. It's only been three months but it is held up

Love this leash

Initially I was nervous about its size and strength for my husky that pulled a lot. I was relieved that it was a good size and very sturdy, as my dog pulled a LOT. This is the primary leash I used when teaching her leash manners and now use it daily for walks and letting her out. I love how easy it is to slip on and that they can't slip this like the can a regular collar. The keeper on the other leash I have of this style constantly slips and allows the loop to get far too big so I really like that while this one is adjustable by hand, it stays put otherwise! Even though its a good size for my husky, I think it would work well for dogs as small as corgis and everything in between!

Five Stars

Good quality leach!!

Five Stars

Great products, service and love they donate to rescues.

Great quality and design - love the reflective element

I love this so much I want another, but the color is out of stock. ;) Really - it's great. My dog's trainer recommended this style of leash, and it is helpful. I love the color, really love the reflective element. And the quality is great. My dog did chew off the small, leather piece that prevents the loop from expanding.. but that was my fault for having it within her reach.