Furry Pals Water Bottle Toys


The Max and Neo Furry Pals Water Bottle Toys are a great reusable dog toy. 

Choose from a Fox, Bear or Wolf. 

They can be used as is without a bottle as a stuffing-less dog toy.  Or place an empty water bottle (not included) into the toy and watch your dog crunch away at them.  They accommodate up to a 16.9 fl oz water bottle.

The water bottle makes a crackling sound that dogs love. Best of all, you can replace the water bottles as they get worn.

As always, when you purchase a Max and Neo dog toy, we donate an identical toy to a dog rescue!


Dog rescues usually run on a tight budget. A budget that is used for essentials, such as food, medical bills and supplies. As a result, a dog toy is usually at the bottom of their priority list. We want to see all dogs happy and comfortable and if we can give one dog a toy to play with, even if just for an hour, that is a success to us!