The Max and Neo Furry Pals Water Bottle Toys are a great reusable dog toy. 

Each pack comes with 3 water bottle toys. A Fox, Bear or Wolf. 

They can be used as is without a bottle as a stuffing-less dog toy.  Or place an empty water bottle (not included) into the toy and watch your dog crunch away at them. They accommodate up to a 16.9 fl oz water bottle.

The water bottle makes a crackling sound that dogs love. Best of all, you can replace the water bottles as they get worn. Supervise your dog with chew toys and inspect toys regularly for safety.

As always, when you purchase a Max and Neo dog toy, we donate an identical toy to a dog rescue!


Dog rescues usually run on a tight budget. A budget that is used for essentials, such as food, medical bills and supplies. As a result, a dog toy is usually at the bottom of their priority list. We want to see all dogs happy and comfortable and if we can give one dog a toy to play with, even if just for an hour, that is a success to us!


Customer Reviews

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Tiffany C.

Furry Pals Water Bottle Toys (3 pack)

Love at first sight.

Our puppy Joplin will only play with water bottles so I wasn't sure if she would like these but she absolutely loves them!


I loved these, my puppy Pingüino loves these, I'm sure the puppies that got the 1 for 1 donation loves these !! Awesome toys!

Stephanie L.
Happy dog!!

My Max loves these toys !!! Absolutely his favorite!

John O.
The Fox Lasted a Day (1)

His last water bottle Fox was with us for at least a year and had suffered numerous wash cycles but I regret having disposed of Foxy when these new toys arrived; he was still in better shape than new Foxy even as the trash truck was hauling him away. The only good thing I might add is that he still has Wolfie and Bear to destroy. Let's see how they last...

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