Our 1.25” x 8” leash sleeves make it easy for others to know exactly what your dog needs. Phrases can easily be seen from a distance with large text sizes and bright colors.

Our sleeves are always visible from all sides. Never worry about turning the leash sleeve to face a certain way.

Adjust the Velcro on the sleeve to your leash as tight as needed so it won’t ever slip off your leash! The soft, padded leash sleeve won’t damage your leash and is made to fit any leash width with its Velcro closure system.

Great for when you are taking your dog out in public or donating to your local rescue for them to use at adoption events. You could even put the leash sleeve on larger dogs with big harnesses.


  • 1.25” x 8” leash sleeves are double sided
  • Fits all leashes
  • Padded leash sleeve won’t damage your leash
  • Large text size and bright color make it highly visible
  • Velcro closure system adjusts to any leash width

    Customer Reviews

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    Amy S.
    Great product!

    I purchased these for our rescue and they’re perfect!

    Country H.F.
    Leash sleeves

    I ordered these for a new rescue at our sanctuary, Country Honk Farm. We just got in a b
    Special needs pitbull. I put BLIND & DEAF on his harness, along with the NEEDS SPACE sleeve on the leash. Hopefully it keep people from approaching without permission.

    Sophie W.

    Easy to swap from one leash to another. Clear and visible from a distance. Water resistant. Well made and sturdy. Highly recommended.

    LOVE IT!!!

    I have a needs space for my people reactive pup and a friendly for my friendly pup. I really wish people would read them. I can't say how many times my people reactive pup is barking and growling at someone and they still try to reach in and pet her. Or if they do read the warning tag, they say oh she can't be that bad. But as far as the product it is awesome and would buy again in a heartbeat if something happens to the ones we have.

    Steven D.

    People ignore it , unfortunately

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