Our REHAB dog harness is designed to help you help your elderly, disabled, or injured dog get past obstacles with comfort. Whether your dog needs help getting in and out of cars, up and down stairs, or in and out of bed, the rehab harness is the assistance your dog needs. The harness is made of heavy-duty nylon with two padded neoprene comfort handles and overlapping Velcro folds to easily and comfortably fit the support harness to your dog.


Heavy-Duty Padded Nylon Sling
Fully-padded fixed-length neoprene handles
2mm wide reflective stitching for increased nighttime visibility
Velcro closure to keep the harness on your dog



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Victoria L.
Great help

Thankfully, I didn't have to use it much, but when I did- it worked just as it should. Well made. My dog is 72lb.

jan s.
harness comfort

The harness is very strong and well made. While well proportioned, the nylon binder is too stiff against the fur. Some padding is definitely required to prevent the nylon from rubbing against the underbelly.

Jan M.

Lift Support and Rehab Harness

Cheryl D.

very happy with the strenth

Good design, but could use two small improvements.

I really like the design of this support harness how you don't have to put their legs through any straps as our English Cocker Spaniel, Winston has a injured front paw. The two things I would change which kept me from giving it five stars are: more padding in the belly area for the dog, we had to put some wool there so it wouldn't rub and was softer there. Secondly, adjustable length handles for the human as not every length is a good length for the pupper's person to reach down with, in fact I have to lean far over to help my pupper in the yard or on a walk makes it uncomfortable for their person.

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