Max and Neo™ Dog Gear is named after my dog Neo and my brother's dog Max. Both dogs lived happy lives in Arizona. When Neo passed away, I began fostering rescue dogs. It became apparent to me that running dog rescues required alot of resources in both time and money. Max and Neo Dog Gear was started to help dog rescues with their never ending need for dog supplies.

We are proud to be able to offer this program which will provide a constant supply of dog collars, harnesses and leashes to dog rescues. While a simple leash, harness or collar may not seem like much, each donated leash and collar allows dog rescues to reserve its funds for other much needed services such as medical bills, spaying, neutering, and dog food.


Our NANU SMALL DOG REFLECTIVE HARNESS is lightweight, comfortable, breathable and reflective harness made for smaller dogs. It is easy to put on, simply have your little friend step into the harness, secure the velcro top and plastic snap and clip your leash clasp onto both D-rings.


The entire exterior of the harness is made of super reflective material
Lightweight and breathable
Sturdy velcro closure
Plastic snap clasp and Double D-rings for added security
Two reflective bands to increase nighttime visibility

Customer Reviews

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you can see him from space

the size is perfect and so easy to put on him. the reflective area is huge which is terrific!

Michelle A.

Nanu Small Dog Reflective Dog Harness

Michelle J.
Best harness ever.

My dogs is young and very active so we went with a step in with the latch on top for the lead. She pulled and pulled and pulled and seriously, the first time I put the passport harness on her it was like I had a whole new dog. She walks with us instead of running and pulling the whole time. It was a total game changer. Will DEFINITELY buy this again.

Shadow T.
Hi-Viz means safer Night Walks

I walk Shadow 5 times a day and 3 of those walks are in darkness, this time of year. His new Hi-Viz harness and leash make him extremely visible to drivers. The Hi-Viz fabric is amazing! This contributes to a safer walk for both of us because I also wear a jacket with the same high visibility fabric. Shadow also wants to give a shout out to New Beginnings Shih Tzu Rescue in Wisconsin. Thank You, Max & Neo!

Helen M.
So bright and great for visibility

This is the best harness out there without its own light. It makes our tiny dog so bright when cars go by!

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