Stainless Steel Heavy Non-Skid Dog Bowls

Stainless Steel Heavy Non-Skid Dog Bowls

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  • Our dog bowls are made from high quality thick stainless steel. They are thicker and heavier than other bowls.

  • All bowls have a full rubber bottom, not just a rubber ring on the outside. Because of this and the fact that they are heavier, they are harder for dogs to flip and push across the floor.
  • 32 oz - 1 Quart: 6.5" diameter X 2" tall (270g)
    64 oz - 2 Quarts: 8" diameter X 2.5" tall (430g)
    96 oz - 3 Quarts: 9.5" diameter X 2.8" tall (505g)


    Thick, Heavy Stainless Steel Walls
    Full Rubber Non-Skid Bottom
    Rolled Lip
    Mirror Polished Finish Inside