2022 Donation Numbers

2022 Donation Numbers

Another new year is here and we've tallied up our final donation numbers for 2022.

We sent out a total of 12,500 donation boxes. That's about 240 boxes each week and I want to thank our volunteers for making this happen. Our crew could not pack all those boxes ourselves.

Shipping prices have gone up and our bill for shipping donations was over $200,000. We make the UPS corporate happy, but the drivers, maybe not so much. They are picking up multiple pallets each week.

Inside the donation boxes was over $4,700,000 worth of leashes, collars, treats and goodies for the pups.

In addition, we were able to donate many other items such as paddleboards for fundraisers and blankets to rescues in cold areas. Lastly, we were able to purchase, wrap and donate transport vehicles for 2 rescues!

Our January donations are ramping up again and the rescues starting with letters A-C and numbers will begin to receive the first of the 2023 donations!